Your Mercy Wellness Team

Working together to serve you


Front office queen, preauthorization wizard and knower of all things Superpower: Kindness



Medical Technician and assistant to the charge NP Superpower: Inscrutable Poker Face



Medical technician, front office and pretty much anything else!  Superpower: able to do 3 things at once, with a smile! 🙂



Front Office, medical technician Superpower: Quietly getting it done!



X-ray Tech, lab genius Superpower: organization!



Front office leader, organizer and billing extraordinaire!



Front office  and medical technician, Superpower: sweetness!



X-ray Technician and lab tech Superpower: can eat bowls of candy at a time



Front office Superpower: brightest smile


Dr. Aaron Terry

After residency, Dr. Terry served for 4 years in the Air Force as a Family Practice Physician and a Flight Surgeon. He separated honorably after serving his country and the airmen who keep us safe. Since then, he has been working Emergency Room medicine and most recently opened his own private practice in April of 2018. He has a unique skill set that allows him to take care of almost any medical issue from the most common to the most critical. Dr. Terry loves to teach and will often have medical students including Nurse Practitioner and PA students.  In Summer of 2019 Dr. Terry started a Nurse Practitioner residency program at Mercy Wellness in which he trains nurse practitioners to become primary care providers. Jamie Morris was the first Family Nurse Practitioner hired by Dr. Terry after following him as a student for a year. Jamie has 7 years of emergency room nursing experience and has a special interest in women’s health. Hannah Kalantari is the second Nurse Practitioner currently working at Mercy Wellness. She also followed Dr. Terry as a student and has 7 years of emergency room nursing experience with a special interest in diabetes education and management.

Serving Our Community

Working together In Service

Our Mercy Wellness Clinic staff is passionate about service. We recently took part in the "Sleep in Heavenly Peace" bed delivery service project. 

The morning consisted of bed assembly and delivery, the beds being designed for children in circumstances not allowing them to have a bed of their own. Often these children sleep on the floor, or with siblings. Nothing is more important than finding opportunities to serve one another this holiday season.

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