The Following is our Covid-19 Policies and Procedures


Patients will be offered telemedicine visits upon availability. Learn more here: Telemedicine

Visitor Policy

Only the patient and essential visitors will be allowed to be present for the office visit. This is an important factor to consider in order to help limit the spread of asymptomatic COVID-19, or other transmittable illnesses.

Sick Visits

Patients seeking an appointment for evaluation of an acute illness with fever, cough, shortness of breath, or respiratory issues will be evaluated outside of the building by previously selected staff. Only these identified staff members are able to see this patient population. Staff are instructed to don appropriate protective equipment, a mask and gloves. Patients and staff will utilize the tent in the parking lot for evaluation of this patient population while maintaining a six-foot berth between patient and staff during the interview. The six-foot berth is allowed to be breached for patient assessment.

Evaluation for COVID-19

We will screen patients to evaluate for the following:
-Known Travel or contact with COVID-19 confirmed patients
-The Following Symptoms:
—–Dry Cough
—–Shortness of breath
—–Chest Pain
The Patient will be tested for influenza and strep if both negative, and symptomatic, patients will be tested for COVID-19
Patients will receive a nasal swab consistent with COVID-19 protocol.

Treatment for COVID-19

Patients with symptoms are instructed to care for themselves at home while observing quarantine rules.

Patients may remove themselves from quarantine once they achieve respiratory improvement and remain afebrile for seventy-two hours (three days) without taking an antipyretic, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. In addition to a seven day lapse since the onset of symptoms.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about COVID-19 or any appointments please give us a call at 830-438-9300, or email us at